visited his village during a campaign focused on protecting children’s rights in March last year. Procurators interviewed Xiao’s grandparents, visited Xiao’s former primaryers, and contacted Xiao’s mother during their visit. Procurators then transferred Xiao’s case to local police and suggested the detention of his aunt while they further investigated the case, having found evidence of maltreatment in his uncle’s home. After a health examination in a local hospital, Xiao returned to live with his grandparents. With the help of the county’s procuratorate and relevant government departments, Xiao returned to school in September. The procuratorates of Meizhou city and Pingyuan county have jointly granted a 60,000Read More →

the basic prerequisites that micro and small enterprises should meet to renew their loans and on the regulatory requirements for banking institutions to do this type of business. The loan renewal policy does not apply to real estate companies or enterprise group head office that are not engaged in production and business operation. Besides, qualified companies should not have delinquent loans and interests with malice, according to Jiang. In terms of pricing, the regulator said commercial banks should adhere to market principl es and encouraged banks to renew micro and small business loans at a lending rate no higher than the previous rate. As ofRead More →

ay was mostly adopted for the first time since WeChat started tracking the data in 2015. A Nielsen survey released in January suggested that 93 percent of Chinese travelers are likely to increase their spen ding overseas if mobile payment is more widely accepted, which would consequently boost local businesses. Alipay and WeChat Pay accounted for almost 94 percent of the count ry’s third-party payment market, according to consultancy iResearch. The duo are ga ining market share by making ambitious forays overseas where mobile payment is yet to mature. Among the latest developments, Tencent is looking to work with more smart solutions and s erviceRead More →

In celebration of Chinese New Year, from 28th January to 24th February Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair will reinvent the classic fortune cookie, commissioning renowned author Will Self to pen the fortunes. The fortunes will be written on a ribbon and placed around the Hakkasan m acarons, to create the fortune macaron. Instead of housing a traditional fortune, each macaro n will feature one of Will Self’s 88 witty, satirical and sometimes dark musings on the topics most relevant to m odern day life in London. The fortune macarons will be available as part of the Chinese New Year set menu and also aRead More →

ything – and I cut my teeth (an appropriate pun, perhaps) composing jokes and one-liners, so this commission from Hakkasan was an absolute joy for me: I loved having the opportunity to create a subtle interplay between the different fortunes, hoping that at the end of the meal the diners would open one… then another, share the fortunes, laugh – perhaps grimace a little as well! – and th at this would make the ever-memorable experience of dining at these superb restaurants, yet more noteworthy.” As the number 8 represents prosperity in Chinese tradition, a total of 88 different fortunes penned by Self will beRead More →

He will hold a new round of high-level China-US economic and trade consultations with United States Trade Re presentative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Beijing from Thursday to Friday. Analysts said the two sides are likely to propose weightier measures to address economic and trade differences and to broaden overall cooperation. According to the Ministry of Commerce, based on recent talks in Washington, China and the US will eng age in further discussions on issues of common concern. The US delegation arrives in Beijing on Monday. China and the US have been embroiled in trade frictions for several months. The two sidesRead More →

run with fences and nets used to trap fish. Pollutants discharged by residents liv ing in the area went directly into the lake, and water quality went from bad to worse. “We could drink directly from the lake at the beginning, but a few years lat er, the water began to stink, and we had to buy bottled water onshore” Chen recalled. Overfishing and other human activities put the lake in crisis. Realizing the need to clean up the lake, the local government took a series of protec tive measures including relocating all the fishermen and getting rid of all the fences and nets. UnderRead More →

All of the 606 sewage pits in the new area are now under control. The new area has also strengthened the supervision of 133 water-consuming enterprises and closed 915 polluting enterprises in 2018. The garbage in rivers of the three counties in Xiongan was also cleaned up, while about 180 million cubic meters of w ater was supplied to the Baiyangdian Lake as a result of an ecological water supply project last year. In April 2017, China announced the establishment of the Xiongan N ew Area, which is about 100 km southwest of Beijing and spans three counties in Hebei Province. Ecological restoration in BaiyangdianRead More →

NEW YORK – Residents’ opposition, labor shortage, and technology transfer difficulties are the three main reasons why manuf acturing companies like Foxconn could not move back to the United States easily, industry insiders and analysts have said. Being built on a vast 2,800 acres of land in the US State of Wisconsin, the Foxconn plant project is dubbed by US President Donald Trum p as the “eighth wonder of the world” for the scale of investment, the number of new jobs it promises to brin g in, and the hundreds of upstream and downstream manufacturing companies that potentially would follow suit. The company, which makesRead More →

  The US has planned a lot of things, and not all of them have been realized. If everything is done according to the will of the US, the world would not be what it is today.   GT: How have long-lasting US sanctions impacted Iranian economy, trade and people’s daily life? How do Iranians deal with the sanctions?   Keshavarz The sanctions have indeed brought a lot of inconvenience to the Iranians, but this does not mean that we will give up our goal. These sanctions violate international regulations. We are used to the US’ approach and we know how to deal with it. But other countriesRead More →