It is reported, on January 29, the Beijing municipal education commission anno unced on the strengthening of primary and secondary schools APP account management, Internet groups, the p ublic notice.Notice requires that each area should be used in middle and primary schools in the March 1 APP, We Chat group, QQ group, and WeChat public number, a comprehensive checking twitter accounts. Notification requirements, once found in the process of trying to contain p ornographic violence, online games, commercial advertising content and link s, such as using chaozuoye, make of exams, reported scores ranking exam-oriented education means such as inc reasing student schoolwork burden, dissemination ofRead More →

execution of orders, hengyang city intermediate people’s court of endangering public se curity with dangerous method of criminal Yang praise cloud executed in accordance with the law. At seven o ‘clock on September 12, 2018, 30, the criminal Yang xiang D133ZY praise cloud driving land r over into hengdong county Mi jiang square, impact roller compaction, and its folding shovel knife cut, the sword of the crowd at the scene.Then Yang praise cloud was police arrested.A total of 15 people died in the in cident, 6 people seriously injured, 28 people minor injuries, minor injury, 3 damage slightly. On December 12, 2018, hengyang city intermediateRead More →

  On January 28th in the morning, Hong Kong media reported the Cecilia cheung three son’s birth certificate.   The entertainment circle, however, there is no crack, a mystery instead let it fan and fan.   According to certify that the above information, “the little prince” is the born of the Hong K ong sanatorium and hospital, is now three months old.He is like my mother family name “zhang”, called “the ritual”, English name is called Marcus.   And the most focus father column, information is blank!”The little prince” the father of identity is still uncertain.   Be worth what carry is, according to the birth registration ordinance of HongRead More →

On January 26, at the helm of the universe “less than three years of industrial and commercial bank of chairman yi will formally appointed by the s tate council as one of the China securities regulatory commission secretary of the party committee, chairman. A bank is chairman of the board of directors can manage the securities ma rket in 2019?Close to yi will also full of the first financial journalist, said originally from wenzhou yi will full bu siness ability is strong, extremely rich market experience, learning ability is very strong. Yi will be very honest, call a spade a spad e, but “business-like” again,Read More →

Xinhua gaza in January 25 (xinhua Yang Yu anyuan Zhao) Qatar officials announced 25th in the gaza strip, Qatar will put the original plan for the Pal estinian islamic resistance movement (hamas) of $15 million for humanitarian projects in the gaza strip. Qatar reconstruction committee chair man Mohammed armadillo day in the gaza strip, said at a news conference h eld in the gaza strip, hamas leaders tell Qatar, hamas refused to accept the assistance by Israel’s conditions, so de cided to cooperation and coordination with the United Nations, using the money for humanitarian projects in the gaza st rip, including helping poor families, improvementRead More →

  Melbourne on January 25, the official xinhua news agency (xinhua hao yalin, YueDongXing) although this year’s Australian open, the young generation rule of tennis stars has launched a strong shock, but in the end or the men’s singles confrontation between the two giants.   25, no. 1 seed JiaoKe has three straight set easily defeated the French starlet singhvi, three years again into the Australian open men’s singles final.   Singhvi xinhua Lv Xiaohui perturbation in the game   Although the age of 24, French is 28 seed, but he previously in Australia are “first” .Before this year, broke into the semi-finals, he successively over 11 high ridgRead More →

  Hammer technology upgrade bytes to beat the labor contract employees, byte to beat respo nse: bought a hammer part of the patent right to the use of science and technology   According to the hammer technology insider, on January 22, already informed temporary requireme nts change labor contract to today’s headlines parent “bytes to beat”.Bytes to beat responded that bought the hammer part of the pate nt right to the use of science and technolog y, to explore related business education field.This is the normal flow of talent.   A bit of information CEO leah are exempted from duties, Ren Xuyang as CEO   January 21, a bitRead More →

Hyun bin denied sohn ye jin relationship, let me see the head unit holding hands Recently hit a destructive hyunbin and lovely day in memory of the alhambra.Actually the beginning is the can is great to see, but always live in the memory of fierce back and forth a few lens, can is a smile face.However, give play to chase down, screenwriter imagi nation is enough big, lovely day also is very beautiful, finally had to sigh, hyun bin, really how can have so handsome? 21 afternoon, hyun bin belongs SheFa denied with sohn ye jin is in love, said two people r eally isRead More →

The Japanese movie “love letter” are all the rage, now 95 version “love letter” will be Chinese remake, another world play nice cak e is a little fresh irreplaceable, netizens have said “let go”, and will be destroyed in the hands of a movie. “Love letter” will remake version of the news has been spread all over China, now the men a nd women protagonist and finalized, the director will choose to take the form of recruitment, boot time in late June, 2 019, shooting period is two and a half months, the release time is February 14, 2020, still pretty good timing. The ChineseRead More →

  In a recent issue of “the girl stood my house” program, Xu Haiqiao personally went to the xin wu home, meet her to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medic ine, on the road, don’t forget to “confessions” xin wu, said he has been watching xin wu.   Xu Haiqiao also praised xin wu dance well, said he saw xin wu attended the “101” rogram.Xin wu has been praised all sorry, although xin wu were knocked out in th e third period, but Xu Haiqiao wit said he just read the first two period, give Xu Haiqiao high eq thumb up.   Xu Haiqiao also sent xinRead More →