learned to sell their work online. Meanwhile, Lyu registered an online store on Taobao in 2016 and says she has since earned 50,000 yuan. Speaking about the efforts, Luo Shumei, the president of the Wo men’s Federation of Changdao village, Xihe county, says: “It’s a good thing to see embroidery pro duction in Xihe county is shifting from being scattered to being more organized. “But one drawback is that we are yet to find a good market.” Separately, in 2016, the Xihe Culture, Radio and Broadcasting Administration designated Luo, now 32, as a Xihe Qiqiao culture “inheritor”. As for the future prospects, Luo says: “ToRead More →

affairs committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong, said the appointment of Hong Kong and M acao-based arbitrators to Nansha would be important in allowing Hong Kong and Macao residents to directly participate in the social and economic development of the Chinese mainland. “The introduction of Hong Kong-and Macao-based legal workers will help build a more open market and business system based on international practices,” Wong was quoted as saying by Guangzhou Daily. According to Wong, the court of arbitration for labor and personnel disputes of Nansha, which was set up in May 2 017, had already conducted exchanges with its Hong Kong counterparts.Read More →

in multiple sectors, China is steadily transforming itself from a traditional manufacturing center into a technology-driven economy capable of delivering hig her-value products and services to serve its increasingly affluent, middle-income consumer base. Recognizing the pivotal role of colleges and universities in this process, China is making huge invest ments to strengthen its higher-education institutions, and is at the same time developing greater cap bilities in science, technology and innovation. In the critical field of artificial intelligence, for example, Chin ese President Xi Jinping has laid out an ambitious plan to make China a world leader over the next two decades. Today, with rapidly improvingRead More →

  Hof Hotel resounded to bays for Trump’s departure. It wasn’t about him, but his specter hung over it.   Brad Smith, president and chief legal officer of Microsoft and Robert O. Work, deputy secret ary of defense under President Obama, gave an electrifying insight to Artificial Intelligence.   ”AI is everything,” Smith warned, a game changer like electricity. He described the present as a “Sputnik moment.”   The former Defense Department official said the “this is the hardest tech challenge the US has ever faced.”   Both Smith and Work painted a picture of China chasing, catching and passing the US in this key area. They des cribed AIRead More →

  green and blue, supports three apps at one time: You can watch Netflix, Google something and answer text messages at the same time.   Consumers who flock to big screens, whether for gaming or the a bility to see more of their data in one place, may be attracted to the unique concept. Samsung has a lready proven that there’s interest around larger-screen smartphones with the success of its Galaxy Note line.   But Samsung will need to convince developers to design apps for the unique form factor, and cons umer demand out of the gate might not be enough to encourage this considering the price point.Read More →

  by Brexit,” said Paul Bacon, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University who specializes in Japan’s relations with Europe. “It is obvious here how economically damaging it will be, and also that it creates serious difficulties for Japan ese industry.”Britain is set to leave the European Union in less than 40 days, but Prime Minister Theresa May has failed to secure parliamentary backing for her plan for what happens next, heightening fears of a disorderly departure.   That’s infuriating for Japanese businesses and government officials, who have been aski ng for years for reassurances that British leaders would limit the harmful effects of Brexit.   The “trust hasRead More →

  ster Theresa May has negotiated with the European Union would mean continued uncertainty over future terms of trade.   More uncertainty is the last thing needed by a car industry that has already been slammed by a collapse in diesel sales in Europe and dramatically weaker demand in China.   Japan’s Nissan (NSANF) earlier this month scrapped plans to build its new X-Trail SUV at its fact ory in the English city of Sunderland. It cited uncertainty over Brexit as one reason for the decision.   Britain’s biggest car maker, Jaguar Land Rover, announced plans last month to reduce its gl obal workforce by 4,500. That’s in additionRead More →

  UBS faces a massive financial penalty in France after a court there ruled that the Swiss bank helped its wealthy clients avoid taxes.   The court delivered its verdict in Paris on Wednesday, ordering the bank to pay €4.5 billion ($5.1 billion) and finding it guilty of money laundering and illegal client solicitations.   The fines include €800 million ($907 million) in civil damages payable to the French state.   Shares in UBS (UBS) dropped sharply after the verdict was announced, trading down 4.2% in Switzerland. The fines are roughly equal to the bank’s net profits for 2018.   Switzerland’s largest bank said that it would issue a statementRead More →

  But in more granular terms — especially when “best” can be so subjective — what does this even mean?   Broadly, sure, it’s a hotel that’s firing on all cylinders. Everything from the meals to the amenities to the grounds mus t be flawless. But for a guest, it must be more personal than that to obtain such high esteem.   At Adare, it’s eating breakfast in a room that looks like it was lifted straight out of Hogwarts. It’s lear ning the ancient art of falconry alongside the hotel’s resident Snowy Owl, Olaf. And it’s def initely sinking your teeth into a freshly baked scone withRead More →

  sive coladh samh massage (the name, pronounced “culla sauv,” is an Irish phrase meaning sound sleep) — a 50 or 80-minute trea tment specifically designed to help with sleep issues, ranging from insomnia to epic jet lag battles.   The experience begins with a mixture of pressure and Swedish techniques, followed by a cooling ceramic stone treatment designed to lull the body into a state of relaxation. This author can speak fro m firsthand experience: My whole body felt like a happy, sleepy puddle by the end of the service.   And spa junkies rejoice: Adare’s spa is one of only 11 in the world (a ndRead More →