become increasingly cautious about deepening cooperation with China because of its rapid developm ent; in fact, a few EU countries have decided to implement tougher measures for foreign trade. The European Commission even put forward a 10-point policy package on China on March 11, which the European Council discussed on March 21. But the fact that the Commission sees China as a “cooperation partner”, “negotiating partner”, “eco nomic competitor” as well as a “systemic rival” means it wants to build on the partnership of strategic cooperation with China. The EU’s attempt to coordinate the concerns of its different members and its efforts to continue dialogueRead More →

s overseas, and we give local farmers guidance, training and planning for future develop ment,” said Xie, who has worked as an expert in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Gambia. Under the Boao Forum framework, Hainan has created a series of subforums, such as the ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors Dialogue, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Island Economy subforum, the South China Sea su bforum, the Roundtable Discussion for Overseas Chinese Business Leaders and Chinese think tanks, Wang said. “These diplo matic platforms serve as new bridges to promote practical industrial cooperation between BRI countries.” Activities at the Boao forum this year will highlight land and sea interconnectivityRead More →

The top court on Wednesday ruled in favor of a French global automotive supplier in a patent dispute with two Chinese car accessory companies amid the country’s intensified efforts to protect intellectual property rights. It was also the first public hearing by the Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People’s Court since the special court was set up on Jan 1. Valeo Systemes d’Essuyage, one of the world’s leading auto component providers, sued X iamen Lukasi Car Accessories Co and Xiamen Fuke Wiper Co, two companies based in Fujian pro vince, claiming infringement of Valeo’s patent on a connector for windshield wipers. An IP courtRead More →

ve and have little interest in his studies, not even finishing homework. In order to change his attitude, Gao Ziren visited his home every weekend, talking with his parents about the importance of studying. Zhang Guangxing, Zhang Zuhao’s father, still remembered when Gao Ziren first visited his home. Because of Gao’s insistence, the parents paid more attention to the child’s studies. Gao Ziren said that because he walked slowly, it was too late for him to visit stud ents’ homes after school, and therefore, he visited them on the weekends. Now, many children follow their parents to live and study in cities, while som eRead More →

 top legislature recently passed the Foreign Investment Law, which says China will gradually shorten the negative list fo r foreign investors to increase inbound foreign investment. This, together with Italy’s policy to welcome Chin ese investment, is expected to help the two countries take more measures to boost investment cooperation. Sino-Italian friendly exchanges have a long tradition, and the prospects for deeper bilateral cooperation are bright. This ye ar marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-Italian comprehensive strategic partnership, and in 2 020 the two countries will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations. Therefore, the two sidesRead More →

eighboring Sichuan province, moved to Dali in 2014. She is among thousands of newcomers who operate guesthouses around Erhai Lake, which offers stunning views that provide an escape from urban life. The 50-year-old, who now wants to leave the city and return to her hometown, said her decision to operate guesthouses in Dali had turned out to be a mistake, as it had left her heavily in debt. She ran a garment company in Chengdu before moving to Dali, and the annual revenue from this business was about 400,000 yuan. She and her family lived quite a good life, she said. Like many of herRead More →

e protection zone, which lies within 15 meters of the shoreline, they were demolished, and she will be compensated by local authorities. However, Wang said she does not believe the money can make up for her losses. She has debts of 3 million yuan – mostly borrowed from relatives and friends. She said she regretted moving to Dali to pursue an idyllic life. While some are not happy that they moved, others are glad they made the transition from big-city life. Yang Yi, 48, who operates a restaurant in Dali’s ancient walled city, arrived eight years ago fr om Chongqing after falling in love withRead More →

d visits to the city with his wife. He said he decided to relocate 2,100 kilometers from the capital due to heavy smog, which ha d caused him serious discomfort. But more important, he wanted to change his way of life. The 45-year-old worked for a State-owned company in Beijing before moving. Since 2001, he had been sent abroad by his company to work in countries such as Sudan, Ecuador, Iran, Syria and Iraq as chief manager for busi ness development. However, he faced great pressure, both from work and security problems. Mu said he had several narrow escapes from bomb attacks near his officeRead More →

eceiving treatment on his face. Sang, with long bloody scars on his cheek, mouth and nose, said that he was blessed to have survived the blast that happened just 100 meters away from him. “I was driving a car passing the explosion site and suddenly felt the car pushed away fiercely by a wave,” he said. According to rescue headquarters, more than 1,600 houses near the explosion site have been repaired, and the remaining houses that suffered slight damage, such as broken windows and doors, will be repaired in a week. Owners of houses beyo nd repair will get financial compensation or move to newly-establishedRead More →

 think, both of our country should be very proud to have a friend, a representative like him,” he said. At present, there are more than 800 13-18-year-old students at the School, including nearly 60 Chinese students, most of whom are from Hong Kong. Uppingham school was founded in 1584. The famous British educator Edward Thri ng (1821-87) used to be its headmaster and took the lead in proposing the concept of “all-around education”. Thring opened the first school gymnasium in England, introduced wood and metal workshops, and provided a sw imming pool. In academic matters he stressed sound training in mathematics, the classics, and music.Read More →