to skiing, skating and other winter sports, which in turn will promote more national and int ernational winter sports events. With the aim to better develop winter sports, governments at all levels shou ld issue policies to encourage more people, in particular, teenagers, to follow and play winter sports. Besides, the government should learn from the experiences of Nordic countries how to increase the popularity of winter sports. Li Hai, director of the School of Economics and Management, Shanghai University of Sport Concerted efforts to develop winter sports Winter sports have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially after China won the bid to hostRead More →

diversified needs of sports fans, which is conducive to soci al and economic development. Notably, the General Admi nistration of Sport has issued a document emphasizing the importance of planning in the development of the winter sports industry. For instance, some departments have made efforts to optimize their resources by building m ore winter sports venues so they can encourage more people to take up winter sports. The Beijing municipal government and Hebei provincial gov ernment have worked out policies to encourage more scho ol students to play winter sports, and take part in winter sports events on campuses. ash001.cnRead More →

in an abundance of caution, we will conduct high visibility patrols around synagog uesa and other houses of worship,” the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted. The Chabad of Poway website said the congregation i s a center for Jewish people of all backgrounds. It was established in 1986. Chabad offers a wide variety of educational and spiritual opportunities, including Torah classes and lectures, Shabbaton dinners, and an array of family and social activities, according to the website. Poway, about 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, is the sa fest city in the San Diego County and among the safest in the state of CaliforniaRead More →

Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Co, a Beijing-based private company established in 2001, has been drill ing wells in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including in Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. Tian Chao, president of the company, said those projects have provid ed jobs for local people, solved their water problems and helped balance foreign exchange. “The projects are platforms for more influential good things that we can do for those countries,” he said. The company said it has drilled about 10,000 wells in 275 projects in those countries, with a total c ontract value of $510 million. The wells ensure thatRead More →

 33 for Real Madrid. But Barca have won eight of the last 11 leagues and 10 of the last 15 (all 10 with Messi in the squad). Earlier in the day, second-placed Atletico Madrid won 1-0 at home over struggling Valladolid to delay Barca’s celebrations. The only goal of the match came in the 66th minute when Valladolid’s Joaquin Fernandez put the ball into his own net, but the visitors were convinced they should have had a penalty after Santiago Arias clearly handed the ball in his own area. Referee Melero Lopez checked with the VAR but decided the handball was accidental. Athletic Club BilbaoRead More →

a company based in Fujian province, said that as a private fishery company, it is difficult for it to o btain loans for investing overseas, and his knowledge about overseas markets is limited. Sinosure’s insurance services have helped Hongdong obtain financing and accelerated Hongdo ng’s construction of a whole industrial chain fishery plant in Mauritania, where infrastructure was very poor. “Chinese companies do invest in the fishing industry overseas, but ev erybody faces different situations, including differences in policies, regulations and cul tures,” Chen said. “Sinosure has given us a lot of information about investment destinations. Its insurance services have increas ed our credit andRead More →

pillars of the initiative are important. The most and best (part) of it, I think, is connectiv ity and inter-culture exchange, sustainable development agenda, and knowledge transfer. China is the biggest market in the world. We have enough resources in our country. We want our p roduct get access to the market and we also want to live in good infrastructure, such as roads, railw ays, schools, hospitals. I also hope knowledge of China come to our country. We have sea access, and good infra structure can help our country and neighboring countries get access to the Maritime Silk Road. China has become the second-largestRead More →

 the rest of the world that the Belt and Road Initiative is a helping hand try to help Africa get out of the problems of poor infras tructure. For me, I think it is very important. And African countries should clap hands for this assistance. Improving the infrastructure, which is very key in reducing the cost of doing business in Africa and at the same time creating job opportunities, will help Africa in a few years. What really interests me is that President Xi talks about the fact that the initiative boosts the developments of countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. He talks aboutRead More →

 the first step of its overseas development.Du Xiaofeng, vice-president of the company, said it aims to serve members of the Commonweal th of Independent States, the Eurasian Economic Union, and other Middle East and European marke ts. He said the company will adopt localized management and hire a large number of Belarusian employees. The company also introduced the core technology for medium- and low-speed maglev traffic system f rom German company Max Bogl Group and put it into local production. Its production line is expected to be completed in June. “Our overseas outreach has gradually transformed from technological and academic com munications to capacity cooperation,”Read More →

tes satellite remote sensing images, water environment problems spotted by satellite, water protection zone bound ary’s spatial data, water environment problems found by provinces and cities themselves and law enfo rcement data at the scene, and sends environmental problem lists to law enforcers at the scene to guide their work. The app was used during the nationwide inspection on water sources i n 2018 and the law enforcement during water sources inspection at county level this year. Meng Zhiqi, a law enforcer with the water ecology and environment department of Shang hai bureau of ecology and environment, has witnessed the app’s ability. “We received aRead More →