Mooncakes stuffed with artificial meat will hit the ma rket in China for the first time in September, Chongqing Morning Post reported.上海419品茶微信 The product was developed by a lab team from the Beijing Techn 上海419ology and Business University and vegan meat brand Starfield. The first batch will be put on sale in Starfield outlets in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong province. There are two kinds of artificial meat: One is vegan meat made main上海419品茶微信 ly from bean protein, the other is real meat grown from animal stem cells. The artificial meat stuffed in these mooncakes is plant-based, which has low envi 上海419ronmental costs and can reduceRead More →

Tickets are now available for flights at Beijing Daxing In ternational Airport, which is scheduled to begin operations before Sept 30. 上海419 On various travel websites, passengers can book tickets from the new airport to many domestic destinations such as Shanghai, Xiamen in Fujian province, Gua ngzhou in Guangdong province, Chengdu in Sichuan province and Kunming in Yunnan province. 上海419 Compared to the flights departing from Beijing Capital International Airport, which is l  上海419品茶微信ocated in the northeastern part of the city, the prices at the new airport are generally cheaper, industry observers said. Flights to Guangzhou from Daxing airport, for instance, cost less than 1,300 yuan ($Read More →

bookstore opened in Xiong’an New Area, Hebei province. Driven by the adv antages of 5G networking, book lovers can enter after having their face or their identity c上海419品茶微信 ard scanned, and obtain their favorite books any time, because technology has made 24-hour unstaffed service feasible. 上海419In Sanlitun, the heart of Beijing’s nightlife hub, at 11 pm on a sum mer night, among the bustling crowds one store stands out. It is Sanlian Taofen Sa nlitun Bookstore, a 24-hour bookstore that has become a landmark since it opened last year.上海419 The shop used to be a bar in a street reputed for its late-night carousing. 上海419品茶微信TheRead More →

The exhibition, titled Accomplishment, has been open at Tsinghua University Art Muse 上海419um after two stops in Nanjing and Shanghai. The show, which runs through Oct 13, fea tures old photos, drawings and designs of 18 architects while they studied at Penn and practiced at home.上海419 These men studied hard by winning medals at architecture competi 上海419品茶微信tions at Penn. And after returning home, they participated in modernizing the country’s lo ok. Their designs of office buildings, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and entertainment venues ended a m上海419 onopoly of foreign architects. And they also helped establish China’s education system for architecture. 上海419品茶微信There are so many works that, politicallyRead More →

oga Lin gave a show in Beijing recently as part of his Idol World Tour, wh ich he launched in 2018 at the Taipei Arena, to mark a decade in the music business. 上海419 For the Idol World Tour, Lin, 31, is music director. And he ha  上海419品茶微信s rearranged his hits and worked with multimedia artists to design the visual images. Meanwhile, the veteran-studded cast also includes actor Wu Gang, known for China’s all-time h 上海419 ighest-grossing film Wolf Warrior 2, and Taiwan actor Chin Shih-chie, a best supporting actor w  上海419品茶微信inner at Beijing International Film Festival for the martial arts film The Master in 2016. Separately, at a recent promotional eventRead More →

Limiting the spirit of open scientific research by monitoring Chinese students and scientis 上海419ts can only suppress the progress in science in the United States, academics said recently. The FBI is urging universities to monitor some of their Chinese students and scholars in the country. According to a report on Na tional Public Radio, US intelligence agencies are encouraging US research universities to develop pr上海419 otocols for monitoring students and visiting scholars from Chinese State-affiliated research institutions. Since last year, FBI officials have visited at least 10 members of the Association of American Universitie上海419品茶微信 s, a group of 62 research universities, with an unclassified listRead More →

eking University’s National School of Development and a former member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee. “But the adoption of (overly aggressive) macro-polices should be avoided” and there is no need to r上海419 epeat 2009-type stimulation this time, Huang said last week. “Because it could have negative c上海419女神会所 onsequences, including excessive production capacity, inflation and asset bubbles.”上海419 Finance ministers and central bank governors from the G20 group gathered in Fukuoka, Japan, over the weekend and discuss上海419女神会所 上海419ed possible impacts of escalated China-US trade tensions on economic growth. The International Monetary F und and the World Bank have recently downgraded their global growth projections forRead More →

tion and traffic viol上海龙凤品茶微信ation record, among others, while enterpris es can apply for certain licenses and certificates online via the mini-program. The mini-program is also connected with local government online service platforms in several provinces including Guangdong and Zhejiang, while more loc al e-government services will be connected in the future, the statement said. E-government services via apps and mini-programs are increasingly popular in China amid national and local efforts to cut administrative上海龙凤品茶微信 red tape to benefit residents and businesses alike. A total of 30 provincial-level regions have established int egrated e-government platforms that incorporate the services of pro vincial, city and county governments, accordingRead More →

iterate its commi上海419品茶微信tment to international cooperation, oppose protectionism and preserve the stability of the existing international economic order, said Zhou Fangyin, a senior researcher of international relations at the Guangdong Institute for International Strategies. Global leaders from economies that represent over 80 percent of the w orld’s GDP will gather in Osaka later this week to discuss such issues as the global eco nomy, trade and investment, innovation, the environment, energy and employment. The summit comes amid growing concerns that trade friction between China and the US threatens global economic growth. “China strives to expand economic and trade partnerships via multilateral trading platforms or regionalRead More →

 firm stand of th上海419品茶微信e CPC and the Chinese government to consolidate and develop the friendship and cooperative relations with the DPRK remains unchanged, and will not change, Xi said in the article ahead of his two-day state visit to the nei ghboring country starting on Thursday at the invitation of DPRK top leader Kim Jong-un. China will resolutely support Kim in leading the party and people of the DPRK in implementing a new national strategy and focusing more on economic growth and better livelihoods to secure greater accomplishments in the country’s socialist construction, he said. Speaking of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, XiRead More →