“It’s hot in the t阿拉爱上海女神会所ent. But I’m happy to be with classmates I will miss after graduation,” said Li Xiao, a 13-year-old student. The tent was donated by the Yibin military subarea of the Sichuan Military Area and ass阿拉爱上海女神会所 embled by 30 militiamen, said Liu Xiao, head of the Changning County People’s Military Department. 阿拉爱上海”They put themselves at risk in damaged classrooms to take desks and stools to the tent classroom,” Liu said. Hu Yibing’s father Hu Zhiqiang, who works in a shoe factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, said the parents of all the sixth graders received a notice on WeChat that classes would resume.阿拉爱上海女神会所Read More →

eves the conviction of serving the country had taken root among children and would later blossom and bear fruit. In a reply letter dated Friday to the school’s students, Xi expressed his hope that the students could pass on the fine tradition of loving the motherland and lovi ng Macao, and make contributions to Macao’s development and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation when they grow up. In a statement, Chief Executive of Macao Special Administrative Region Fernando Chui Sai-on said that the letter has demo nstrated Xi and the central government’s care and expectations for Macao’s students and youngsters. China has a large youthRead More →

ning to upgrade bilateral ties, and “jointly usher in a new era of high-level development of China-Russia relations”, he said. In response to a question about the influence of ongoing Sino-US trade friction on coopera tion between Chinese and Russian enterprises, Zhang said Beijing and Moscow share a broad conse nsus and common interests, and will work together to deal with external challenges. “We have the confidence, resolve and ability to safeguard ou r country’s sovereignty, security and dignity as well as its development interests,” he added. “The China-Russia relationship neither targets a third party, nor will it be weakened by discord sowed by anyRead More →

ironmental protection measures the company takes in production. Only when a company has independent intellectual property rights and core technology will it make competitive products and succeed amid fierce competition, Xi said. Noting that technological innovation is the lifeblood of enterprises, Xi encourag ed the company to focus on technological innovation and master more core technologies. Rare earth is a non-renewable important strategic resource, Xi said, addin g that more efforts are needed to upgrade the technology for its exploitation and applic ation, increase its added value, and protect the environment, to achieve green and sustainable development. qianpbd.comRead More →

ongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said Tianjin would embrace a new era of intelligence, create a new intelligen ce-based economy, step up AI cooperation with other countries and speed up the building of an “intelligent Tianjin”. Li said the city will intensify efforts to boost AI applications in fields of urban management, public services, transportation and logistics, healthcare and security. Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang said China is drafting regulations and standards for regulating AI and will publish them soon. Wang said more effort is needed to make breakthroughs in basic AI theories and coreRead More →

ered on consensus, social harmony, stability and discipline, are more important and rel evant than ever in the face of challenges-such as protectionism and terrorism-confronting the world today. Joefe Santarita, dean of the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines, said Asian values promote consensual approach and communitari anism rather than individualism, and they prioritize social order and harmony as well as respect for elders, discipline and a pate rnalistic state along with the primary role of government in economic development. “Asian values are the salient ingredients on how to learn to work tog ether through trust and consequently promote globalization,” Santarita told ChinaRead More →

both sides have the sincerity to solve the existing problems. “The purpose decides everything,” Liu said, in English. “China wants a very equal and dignif ied deal, and under this premise, a good, cooperative deal,” he said. “I hope our US colleagues would understand this.” Liu said he believed both sides have a strong desire to reach a deal. “We need to work hard tog ether to surpass the temporary difficult period of time, and then we’ll have a bright future,” he said. Asked by China Daily how China and the US could help world economic growth, whose p rospects have been already compromised byRead More →

ities have grown more quickly than in big cities, including clothing, food, beverages and home appliances, Chen added. During Spring Festival in February, small-town youths in third- an d lower-tier cities outperformed their peers in bigger centers of population in consu mption across major e-commerce platforms, including the number of orders placed and the range of products bought. In third- and fourth-tier cities, total online spending during Spring Festival rose by 55 percent year-on-year, comp ared with 51 percent in first-tier metropolises. Spending by small-town youths on beauty products rose by 7.8 perc ent year-on-year, compared with a 5.4 percent increase among their peers inRead More →

Designated traffic lanes will be set aside on Beijing-Chongli Expressway for smooth traffic flow during the upcoming 2019 Bei jing International Horticultural Exhibition, the capital’s transport authorities said on Monday, Beijing News reported. The expo, which will kick off on April 29 and run until Oct 7, is expected to attract 16 million visitors from home and abroad. The special lanes will be put in use on weekends and national holidays (Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day) during the ho rticultural exhibition, according to Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation. While the special lanes are in use, only public transport vehicles, largeRead More →

eituan Dianping, China’s leading on-demand online service provider, is the youngest among China’s 10 most powerful businesspeople, according to the list. Dong Mingzhu, chairwoman of Gree Electric Appliances, a major home appliances maker based in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, is the only woman entrepreneur on the top 10 ranking, placing seventh. Xu Jiayin (Hui Ka Yan), chairman of China’s property developer Evergrande Gro up, and Lei Jun, founder of smartphone maker Xiaomi Group, also made the top 10. The China Consumers Association said Wednesday that financial servi ces in automobile sales should be clearly priced and forced transactions eliminated. The association held a discussion Wednesday morningRead More →