Most of the tunnels along the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the Sich 上海夜网品茶微信uan-Tibet Railway have been completed, railway authorities said over the weekend. The Bukamu Tunnel, one of the longest tunnels on the railway linking Lha上海夜网 sa and Nyingchi in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region, was completed on Fr iday. With its completion, 96 percent of the tunnels on the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the railway are finished.上海夜网 The 9,240-meter Bukamu Tunnel is located in Manling county of the reg ion’s eastern Nyingchi city. According to the China Railway 17th Bureau Group, and it is also the 37th tunnel to be completed for this section, leaving 10Read More →

Dutch lighting specialist helps advance smart city initiative with lower energy use and reduced operating costs Ahead of the inaugural China International Import Expo上海夜网 last year, the Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront, was given a dramatic face-lift when it was illum 上海夜网女神会所inated along with three bridges and more than 40 buildings in the financial and tourist districts. Dutch lighting specialist Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, was responsible for the illumination. The com pany said it is the largest, single, architectural lighting project in Signify’s 127-year history and illustrates the co上海夜网 mpany’s leadership in unlocking the potential of connected lighting to transform cities. “The upgraded lightingRead More →

tionism and unilateralism of the United States is not just the business of China, it also matters to the recovery of the world economy,” Zhang said. Regarding the future development of the SCO, Zhang said the short-term goal of the regional organization is to build a commu nity of development and security while its long-term goal is to build a community with a shared future. The “Annual Report on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (2019)”, released by the Chinese Academy of Social Scien ces on Monday, highlighted the challenges the regional body is facing due to unilateralism, protectionism and terr orism against the backdrop of increasingRead More →

that enterprises in any country will not disregard their own interests and blindly follow other countries’ “political command”. “Most countries have always been highly alert to US government acts of resorting to state power to crack down on companies in other countries, disrupt m arkets and obstruct mutually beneficial cooperation between other countries,” Lu said. But the positive development is also accompanied by some concerns. A string of Japanese carriers, including NTT Docomo, said they were also considering delaying the launch of Huawei’s new sma rtphones. Their hesitance is due to uncertainty about Google’s previous announcement that it would restrict H uawei’s access to updatesRead More →

by provincial governments, but the car business in China is very highly competitive and foreign brands are very successful. In any case, the continuing growth of an already large private sec tor should alleviate foreign concerns about competing with State-owned companies. During the George W. Bush administration, the US imposed tarif fs on Chinese steel, arguing that State-owned companies had an unfair advantage. But, US st eel companies also face higher costs because of increased environmental protection. China’s current emphasis on buil ding an “ecological civilization” means that that kind of polluting heavy industry will be less viable. China has also recently announced a strengthenedRead More →

 administration’s Institute of Crustal Dynamics, said he “wholeheartedly” welcomes the project. China boasts unique conditions to carry out the experiment as most of its earthquakes occur “inside the land under the feet of th e people” rather than in the ocean, and there are many active faults in the country. “My personal hope is that if there is any way or any future in trying to forecast earthquakes, it may very well happen in C hina,” said Tapponnier, also foreign associate member of the United States’ National Academy of Sciences. According to the administration, the country is stricken by an average 20 earthqua kes aboveRead More →

Improved earnings of companies listed on mainland bourses during the first quarter of the year augur well for the full-ye ar financial results and are an indication of the vitality the Chinese economy, analysts said. During the January to March period, aggregate profits of A-share compan ies topped 1 trillion yuan ($147.6 billion) and grew 9.4 percent year-on-year, reversing a fu ll-year decline of 1.9 percent last year, data from Shanghai-based information provider Wind Info showed. Meanwhile, aggregate return on equity (ROE)-a major gauge of profitability-stood at 9.8 percent, intact from the whole-year of 2018. “Given that the downtrend in economic growth had largely easedRead More →

Japanese Emperor Akihito, in his final remarks as his three-decade reign drew to a close on Tuesday, thanked the people for their support and expressed hope for a peaceful future. Akihito, 85, was the first Japanese monarch enthroned unde r a post-war Constitution that defines the role of the monarch as a merely a “symbol of the State.” “To the people who accepted and supported me as a symbol, I express my heartfelt thanks,” Akihito, wearing a Western -style morning coat, said at a brief abdication ceremony in the Imperial Palace’s Matsu no ma, or Hall of Pine. “Together with the empress, I hope fromRead More →

aths of five pandas between December 2014 and April 2015. Pandas are docile but can be fierce. In 2005, a female photographer from Hong Kong jumped into a pand a enclosure to take photos. To the surprise of onlookers, the panda slashed one of her arms, causing profuse bleeding, the center said. Zhou Mengqi, a veteran photographer in Chengdu, was chased by a panda that had been eating quietly unt il he took pictures of the animal up close at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in the early 1990s. “Its claw touched my shoes before I escaped through a door,” he said.Read More →

Eleven people were killed in floods triggered by a sudden rainstorm in the southern Chin ese city of Shenzhen Thursday night, local authorities confirmed Saturday. The last missing person was found dead Saturday afternoon, said a source with the city’s emergency management bureau. At around 9 pm Thursday, the rainstorm pounded Shenzhen, leading to floods that flushed aw ay dredging workers at different river sections in the districts of Luohu and Futian. The average precipitation in three hours Thursday night reached 65 mil limeters in Luohu district, data from the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau showed. Provincial authorities of Guangdong province in charge of workpl ace safetyRead More →